Is there any month better than October?

This is one of our favorite months: leaves are turning scarlet, the air is brisk, students have more energy with cooler temperatures, and the tarantulas are out and about!

Last week I wandered in to the Kindergarten to find our Kindergarten scientists were doing some observations of a tarantula that was temporarily contained (he was later returned right back to the spot where he had been found). Students spent the remainder of the morning learning all about this animal and interesting facts about tarantulas from around the world. Most impressive was the fact that the students were not at all squeamish about observing this large arachnid, and in fact spoke of him with great reverence! Mrs. Cate's enthusiasm and love for appreciating and learning about our local environment makes our Kindergarten a great learning experience.

Kind of looks like the tarantula is saying "  hi there!  "

Kind of looks like the tarantula is saying "hi there!"

"Look! Did you see what we have?"

"Look! Did you see what we have?"