A Perfect Pancake Day!

It was so wonderful to see our families and community members join together for a syrupy sweet cause — our Annual Pancake Breakfast! As I was talking to some of the many locals who attend each year, the question arose about how long the Pancake Breakfast has been happening at Mt. Baldy. Longtime residents Kayjo and Ed Ramstead speculated they’ve been attending for about 54 years! If anyone has an idea, we’d sure like to know! We got a lot of positive feedback about changing this event from the spring to the fall—that way there is some space between our two big community gatherings, the Steak Fry and the Pancake Breakfast.

This celebration not only serves as a fundraiser for the school, but also as a way to honor the many people who support our community. We had a lot of individuals from L.A. and San Bernardino County law enforcement and fire response enjoy a few flapjacks on us as a small token of thanks for all they provide to Mt. Baldy!

A big thank you to our P.T.A. and our die-hard Mt. Baldy Community members for making this event happen. A special shout-out to some of the key heavy lifters: Belinda Thom, Christy Catalano, Liz Hooeyboer, Tracey Sulkin, Graham Hendrickson and Richard Wingate.