The purpose of this page is to highlight student writing, expression, and thinking, while simultaneously providing students a relevant, real-world application and forum for their writing.  Being able to share their work in this way amplifies their audience far beyond our classrooms and provides an authentic reason to write well. 

The following pieces of writing were completed during students' first week of our 2017-18 school year.  The prompt that these writings followed was:

 "What things do you appreciate about Mt Baldy School?" 

Walking into the school today everyone was very friendly, kind and welcoming.  When my mom was driving me up here, I got to see all the beautiful mountains, trees and scenery.  I was thinking, how many kids do not have a school like Mt Baldy, but how lucky me and my family were to find this school.  Walking into my classroom I was greeted with smiling faces by my new teachers and seeing all the creativity in the classrooms was very cool.  It is going to be wonderful year at Mt Baldy.

The outdoors is the best at Mt Baldy School.  Sometimes we see deers, and it even snows sometimes.  I like Mt Baldy because the creek that I can hear when I go outside.  It is very peaceful and a very good community.  And sometimes it feels like a family in Mt Baldy.

Mt Baldy School is definitely very different than any other school I have ever been to.  First of all, it's a small community, meaning that only a little over 100 kids go here - and it's Kindergarten through eighth!  Second is the wildlife.  I mean, how many schools can you go to where you can run into a bear, or even a rattlesnake. Also, don't forget about the scenery that is at this school.  From mountains to creeks, even a forest filled with wildlife.  In my opinion Mt Baldy School is the most beautiful and unique school I have ever attended - that is cool for sure.

Mt Baldy is very peaceful, and filled with many adventures, plus the friendships in Mt Baldy show that Mt Baldy is unique.