One of my favorite questions to ask prospective, current and alumnae families is “why Baldy?” The answers I receive provide great insights not only about the school, but also about the values and priorities of people. I use this feedback, along with other input, like a compass uses true North, verifying our decisions are keeping us on course with the needs and desires of the school community.

I thought a good way to share a bit about myself would be to answer my own question, “why Baldy”—so here goes!

My husband and I had the pleasure of having had our two children attend and graduate from Mt. Baldy School. During our initial visit to the school we were captivated not only by the natural beauty of the campus, but more importantly by the “feel” of the school. In walking through classrooms, I could see evidence of student-driven learning on the walls, I could hear the productive buzz of students working together in small groups, and I could sense the watchful eye of the teacher as facilitator, moving through the classroom, checking in with students, providing guidance, support and encouragement as needed.

The respect for students and their learning was palpable.

I spent my first few years at Baldy as a weekly parent volunteer and Parent Teacher Community member. Later, I was invited to join the faculty of the school as part of a K-1 teaching team. I enjoyed six years working at Baldy until a work opportunity for my husband prompted a move up to Ashland, Oregon. Although I was excited to continue my journey as a Waldorf-inspired multi-grade elementary teacher, and subsequent roles as a mentor teacher, New Teacher Induction Support Provider,  science teacher and curricula expert for Common Core, I always yearned to return back to Mt. Baldy School. The small school size, multi-grade configuration, parent involvement, curricular flexibility, community support, and strong faculty and leadership create, in my opinion, the opportunity for an ideal learning environment. I am so pleased to be a part of this—and that’s why Baldy!

Nancy Sirski - Principal