Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend Mt Baldy School is he/she doesn't live in Mt Baldy?

Yes!  The majority of our population of students comes from surrounding areas below Mt Baldy.  We have students from Claremont, Upland, Alta Loma and students who live as far away as Colton attend the school.

Does Mt Baldy School have transportation available?

Yes!  Each day, before and after school, our Mt Baldy School bus drives up and down Euclid Avenue from Mt Baldy to the 9th Street in Upland, CA.

Is Mt Baldy a private school?

No, Mt Baldy School is a public K-8 school.

What happens when it snows?

Although there are days when we have snow, and school continues (which proves to be very exciting for many of our students who don't regularly experience snow), although they are somewhat rare.  During inclement weather of any kind, we take great care in determining safety first and foremost.  If driving conditions are not safe, school is cancelled.  We have an emergency call system in place and parents receive a phone call the day prior to the canceling of school.  

How many students are in classrooms on average at Mt Baldy School?

The average of our multi-grade classroom size is 25 students, with some being a little lower and some being a little higher.  

Do students at Mt Baldy School go on field trips?

Yes!  You can anticipate your student will be attending anywhere from five to ten field trips a year at Mt Baldy School.  We believe in the benefits field trips bring.  For more information, please see our Field Trips tab under "Our School" on the homepage.