Our lunch policy is as follows: Lunch is ordered one month prior to the date it is served, since we order our lunches through Central Kitchen. Lunches cost $3.75 each lunch ordered. Every month we send home two lunch menus, one for you to keep and one to turn in to the office by the specified date. No late lunch orders will be accepted. If you order a lunch and your student is ill that day, when you call their absence into the office by 8:30 a.m., please also let us know to cancel their lunch. If a lunch is cancelled credit will extend into the next month. Since we don’t make the food at our school, we do not order extra lunches. We do offer emergency lunches for those rare cases, which also cost $3.75. These consist a cup of noodles with a fruit, apple sauce and a juice. If you have any questions please call Elizabeth Jenkins at (909)985-0991.

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