“The aim of Mt Baldy School is not merely to prepare students for high school.  The aim of Mt Baldy School is to equip students for the world.  We want our students to leave us with a strong sense of self; as confident, compassionate, creative problem-solvers who make the world a better place.”   

— Nancy Sirski, principal Mt Baldy School

Under the guidance of dedicated teachers and staff, Mt Baldy students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, understand themselves, and develop social and interpersonal skills that allow them to flourish. By the time they graduate, they will have developed the academic strength, character, and confidence to meet life’s future challenges. Specifically, a Mt Baldy School graduate:

  • is a confident, articulate communicator
  • is empathic and tolerant of divergent views

  • is a resourceful, curious, questioner

  • see themselves as a responsible citizen; an important part of the larger community

  • appreciates the arts, and other cultural universals

  • is a thoughtful, responsible digital citizen

  • shows courage in the face of challenge

  • is a steward of the environment

  • experiences, appreciates and respects the natural world