Since 1921, Mt Baldy School has been committed to fostering a collaborative relationship among school, home and community.  We believe how children learn begins with where they are, that positive relationships enhance learning for all, and that when students see their work as relevant and purposeful, learning amplifies.  This is why we embed the use of our beautiful natural setting into our teaching and learning, place a priority on social emotional learning, and continuously strive to create thoughtful, purposeful learning experiences for our students.     

Our Mission

The mission of Mt Baldy School, a unique mountain community, is to ensure our students a dynamic educational experience.  By fostering creativity and critical thinking, we equip the whole child to lead and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Mt. Baldy School has had a great impact on my life. The teachers here are amazing at what they do, and are incredibly helpful.
— Excerpt from 8th Grade Graduation Speech, June 2017
“The education here is a little different in our community. The small amount of students - we are different from any other school, and that is a really good thing.”
— Grace - 7th grader
“At this school, middle schoolers can play on the playground - you can’t do that at a regular Jr. High - and you don’t have to worry about how you look.”
— Astrid - 7th grader

WE believe in the importance of...

  • creating an environment where students look forward to coming to school.
  • encouraging parents and community engagement and volunteerism.
  • fostering the soft skills of communication (in person and online), empathy and personal responsibility.
  • providing space and time for community gatherings and meetings.
  • a strong partnership among school, home and community. 
  • understanding the science of how children learn and remember information.
  • place-based learning.
  • providing learners with various ways of learning and showing what and how they have learned.
  • a strong pedagogy of listening - to our students, parents, community, and colleagues.