Mt Baldy School was opened in 1921 in the village of Mt Baldy.  It originally served 16 students, grades kindergarten through eight.  The original one-room schoolhouse now serves as a visitor's center for the community and visitors to our mountain.  We look forward to celebrating our centennial celebration in a few years!

Mt Baldy School is a single-school district located in the village of Mt Baldy.  Mt Baldy is part of the San Gabriel Mountain range approximately 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California.  The school has a stable enrollment of about 100 students, TK through 8th grade.  Approximately 70% of our student body attends school with inter-district attendance permits (parents live outside Mt Baldy's attendance boundaries). Our school has historically scored well on standardized tests, and although we value the information these assessments provide, we believe in multiple measures to assess student learning and progress toward goals.

Recognizing the value of a small student to teacher ratio, our classrooms rarely go over 26 students.  Our kindergarten classroom currently has 12 students.