Why Volunteer?

No matter how a person chooses to volunteer in a school, when parents and community members choose to do so, our program improves, relationships strengthen and everyone involved benefits.  Mt Baldy School encourages parents and community members to volunteer - whether that means helping out during a clean up day, giving us a couple hours on Tuesday afternoon to help a teacher prepare materials for science labs, or showing up every Thursday morning to support small groups of students read their current novel in English Language Arts.  

We are a small school, and with that comes a small budget.  With the help and support of our volunteers, we can maintain an effective, high-quality program regardless of financial constraints.   

Volunteers needed...

Classroom volunteers - support small groups during center rotations, science experiments, outside learning stations, art, other projects that benefit from more than one set of eyes (and hands).

Behind-the-scenes classroom volunteers - support teachers through help with photocopying, helping prepare materials, verifying field trip details, etc.

Sharing your expertise - every child benefits when parents and community come in to share their passion and expertise about topics that pertain to what the students are learning.  If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Sirski or your child's teacher(s).