Interim Superintendent - Mitch Hovey


Mitch comes to us with 40 years of broad experience in education.  He has served as a teacher, coach, athletic director, bilingual teacher, program coordinator, school principal, Director of Administrative Services, Assistant Superintendent, and District Superintendent.  He's worn many hats, and it seems we've found the perfect match for Mt Baldy School District, where we all wear as many hats as possible.   As a consultant to the administrative team, Mitch is committed to doing everything in his power to meet the learning, social, and emotional needs of our students. His positive interactions with parents and community members as well as our staff and students create a culture of respect, safety and engagement.  

Principal - Nancy Sirski


Nancy spent her first years at Mt Baldy School as a parent volunteer and Parent Teacher Community member. Later, she joined the faculty as part of a K-1 teaching team. She enjoyed six years working at Baldy until a move to Ashland, Oregon. There, she worked as a Waldorf-inspired multi-grade teacher.  Subsequent roles as a mentor teacher, Support Provider,  science teacher and curricula expert for Common Core, added to Nancy's knowledge base and skill set, but she always yearned to return home to Mt. Baldy School.  In June of 2016 she was given the opportunity to return to Baldy as our principal, and boy are we happy she did!  Nancy's keen mind and open heart coalesce to make a wonderful school leader.  We're so glad she came back home to Mt Baldy School!

TK & Kindergarten Teacher - Tisha Cate

This is Tisha Cate’s seventh year teaching Kindergarten at Mt Baldy School.  Her husband and three sons attended Mt Baldy School, with the youngest graduating in June of 2017.  Tisha brings a masterful ability to put our youngest students at ease with her ever-present smile and engaging, comforting, joyful demeanor with our TK and Kindergarteners.  She strives to love and care for each of her students and teach them in a way that supports their learning.  She believes that play is an integral part of learning, especially for our youngest students and ensures students are given the opportunity to do just that through embedding movement, music and play throughout the day.  Tisha is passionate about helping her students become life-long learners by providing them with love, understanding and positive school experiences.

First and second grade teacher - Anita Camacho


Anita Camacho teaches our first and second grade combination class.  Ms. Camacho's educational pedagogy is student-centered and built on the premise that children learn best when they are supported within a community of learners.  Her classroom is a reflection of this - where students are encouraged to work cooperatively, make thoughtful choices, develop intrinsic motivation, and take ownership of their learning.  An example of this is her students' ability to pay it forward through Acts of Kindness and Anita's responsiveness to student needs.  Ms. Camacho has over 15 years of experience in education and holds a Master's degree as a reading specialist.  She feels fortunate to have her own three children attend Mt Baldy School, and enjoys the beautiful environment that is such a unique feature of our school.  

Third and Fourth grade teacher - Brian Strack

Brian Strack.jpeg

Mr. Brian Strack returns to his roots at Mt Baldy School as our new third and fourth grade teacher.  He is our only teacher that grew up in Mt Baldy and attended school as a student here many moons ago.  Brian understands the opportunities that our natural setting provides and recognizes that often times,  important learning takes place beyond the walls of the classroom.  Because of this, you'll often find him and his students outside, learning among the oaks, rocks and each other.     

fifth through eighth language arts & social studies teacher - michael blanks


Michael Blanks is starting her 18th year teaching social studies and English language arts in grades 5 through 8 at Mt Baldy. Michael is an innovative and masterful teacher who is willing to take calculated risks to refine her teaching practice and her students' learning. Her instruction is driven by a deep understanding of how the brain learns, how emotions impact cognition and her unwavering support and commitment to her students' success.  Her classroom may be transformed into a Felucca boat trip down the Nile one day and a peaceful oasis of poetry reading and writing the next. Michael equips our graduates with the numerous skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.

fifth through eighth grade math, algebra & science teacher - Laura Goddard

Laura Goddard.jpeg

Laura traded her flip flops for hiking boots when she joined our team in Mt Baldy, and we're so glad she did!  Her experience as a former Response to Intervention teacher, provides her with the skills to differentiate and guide each child's educational growth.  Ms. Goddard's understanding of adolescent development informs her practice and methods in and out of the classroom.  She's passionate about making math accessible, relevant and comprehensible for her students.  When teaching science, she sees the outdoors as being a primary educational resource for herself, as well as her students.  

educational specialist - Ginny Linenberger

Ginny is a seasoned Educational Specialist working to provide emotional and academic support for our students.  She's currently working on attaining a Ph.D from University of Southern California (USC) and is a mother to two beautiful boys. Her passion is ensuring students master the skills to transition successfully from elementary to Jr. High, from Jr. High to High School and from High School to beyond.  She looks forward to her first year with us in Mt Baldy.   

Terril Helander - School Psychologist


Ms. Helander is our new school psychologist at Mt Baldy.  She comes to us with a wealth of experience from both the private and public sector.  Her calm demeanor and great sense of humor puts everyone at ease.  We feel very fortunate to have Terrill as part of our team at Mt Baldy School.  

Below are our support and classified staff: 

Administrative Assistant - Debbie Haverly

Clerk - Liz Jenkins

Resource Specialist Aides - Shannon Satieri and Elvira Caliri


Proctors - Gay Thomas, Edson Ursol, Anthony bravo and Sandy Johnson

custodians - Henry Chu and Eric Luong